Lesson: W Sound

These excerpts are from a lesson with my friend in which we were going over the ww, ww, W sound. ‘At odds with-‘ Oo, oo, with. With. ‘With.’ Um-hmm, so the mouth starts really small. ‘At odds with-‘ Not, not vv, ww. Not vv, vv, but rather, w-with, w-with. ‘With’. That was perfect. ‘With. At odds with-‘ Very good.

‘He also worshipped, worshipped-‘ So look at my mouth at the beginning of that sound: worshipped, w-worshipped. ‘Wor-, worshipped.’ Um-hmm. Here the W sound is in the middle of a word, and it was not his habit to bring his mouth into this position. On the word flowers, he wanted to say: flo-ers, flo-ers. Watch closely: flowers, flowers, flowers. ‘And flowers-‘ Flow- ‘Flowers.’ Ok, your mouth has to come in to make this tiny oo – flow – flow. ‘Flowers.’ Good. ‘Flowers and human-‘ Flow- ‘Flowers.’ Right.

Here again, he initially makes the ww sound as a V sound, vv. But when he corrects it and brings his mouth in, ww, it sounds really great. This is the word ‘one’, which must start small. One. ‘One of-‘ Ok, we need to go back to the word ‘one’. ‘One, one.’ Yeah, that’s right. It starts really small. ‘One.’ At the end there, it looked and sounded perfect.

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