Linking the F/V and W sounds

I got an email recently from a frequent visitor of the website asking me to explain something. He says, I’m still at a loss to understand how Americans link the F/V and W sounds … Can you point out what needs to be done? Absolutely. Let’s review the F and V sounds.

To make these sounds, the bottom lip moves up and touches the front top teeth. To make the W, the lips round into a very tight circle. The teeth are almost closed, but not quite closed, behind the lips. Now let’s take some of those phrases and say them slowly, drawing out the sounds. /// Five ways. Safeway. So you can see, the lip needs to move from this position into the rounded position. It’s that one gesture. ffww, vvww. Let’s practice that. ffww, vvww. Here are some phrases in slow motion, so you can study how the mouth moves when linking sounds.

Five ways. The bottom lip comes up here for the V, and immediately they point into the W sound. Of which. Bottom lip up, lips point to make the circle for the W. Safeway. Bottom lip moves up and the lips form the tight circle pointing out for the W. Five phrases that link these two sounds to help you practice are: five ways, of which, Safeway, enough wind, I’d love one.

I hope this helps clear up the movement of the mouth between these two sounds for you, thank you so much for your question.

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