Holding Out R

In this American English pronunciation video we’re going to have some fun holding out the R sound.

As with any new concept or sound, it’s a great idea to slow something down when you’re first working with it. Slow it down, and drill it over and over. If you can speed up, great. But never sacrifice correctness for more speed. Today we’re going to apply this slow-down method to the R consonant, specifically, in consonant clusters. I’ve noticed, with some of my students, that even when they’ve gotten a good R sound, sometimes in clusters it tends to turn more into a W sound. Or, sometimes, it turns into more of a D sound, a flap. Now when you do this, you can’t hold it out. So holding out the R is a good way to test that you’re doing it correctly. So, say these words along with me, really holding out the R sound. If it feels awkward, that’s a good sign that you really need this exercise, that the R sound is not yet second nature to you.

If that was hard or uncomfortable, do it again. And do it on your own many times.

That is what it takes to drill a sound that is new. I hope this helps.That’s it, and thanks so much for using Rachel’s English.

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