Allows to display a slider with specified parameters on selected kind of pages.

How to create a slider

Description Steps

Start a new slider.

Enter the title and press Publish button.

  1. Add new slide
  2. Open the slide options
  1. Enter the slide title
  2. Select an image
  3. In case you need apply the link to image, please, enter target URL
  4. Press Update slides button and close the slide options by the same way you've opened that

Drag & drop slides to make an order.

Open the slider Options tab.

  1. Select a kind of transition
  2. Set a time of delay between transitions
  3. Press Update options button

Congrats! At this moment you've created the slider.

Now, you need to apply that slider to pages. Please, open Theme settings > Slider tab.

  1. Select the slider from drop-down list
  2. Select a kind of pages the slider will be displayed
  3. Press Update settings button


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